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Work on paper

I love to work on very detail ornaments. It was always considered as ornamental work and not worthy of showcasing with other art work.

I always did this kind of work in order to relax. My meditation if you want. I like to get into the zone of doing something that is repetitive and allows me to relax and clear my mind.

Lately I decided to do a series of work on paper that will allow me the freedom to render the hell out of them and bring my 'need' for detail work to a personal satisfaction. As I get looser in my painting in oil, I chose to do this group as illuminated manuscripts. 

I choose elements from traditional Arab illuminated manuscripts, Jewish symbolism and Hebrew calligraphy, to create this new series.

I work on heavy weight illustration board 20"x 30", use pen and ink for outlines and water colors for painting the images.

Hamsa. 20"x30" watercolor on board

Medalion. 20"x30" watercolor on board


Shal-Om. 20"x30" watercolor on board

Peacock with lillies.jpg

Peacock wit lilies. 20"x30" watercolor on board

red poppies.jpg

Red Poppies. 20"x30" watercolor on board

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