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Blue Willow and Brass

In this group of paintings, I decided to use my collection of blue and white ware and combine them with other elements. 

I started with adding a gourd to juxtapose the ware and an organic element.

The next was combining the blue and white with brass kettles and tea pots with an organic element.

I like to play with reflections, both on the blue and white ware and the brass which is more of a reflective surface.

The objects that I choose are intentional and have some meanings to me.

Some suggests a faraway lands, some mystical and mysterious aura.

As a viewer you bring your own experience and imagination to interpret the painting. My paintings are windows to other realities, and you bring your imagination and ideas as you enter.

If you so, choose to do.

I got some small canvases from a friend, 16"x20" and decided to do a group of still lives based on my other bigger paintings

I decided to paint only one object on each canvas and sell these paintings for $200.00.

Hence the title the 200 group.

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