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Reflections in White

I always liked seeing still life painted in monochromatic colors, or the lack of full spectrum.

I found a certain kind of tranquility in painting like these.

I wanted to do my version of this idea. I chose to eliminate the background color and stay with a


limited palette of whites and and browns.

Yet I wanted to interject another element to the scene.

This element is usually being referred as Micro cosmos. A spot of reality if you want, whatever this


reality is. A reflection of an interior as Van Eyck used in his work or a sliver of an open window in

Vermeer paintings.

I chose to use a sphere that will give a reflection of a landscape. I decided that the only color spot

will be in this sphere.

As the group progressed I decided that I wanted the background color to get darker.

Is this a premonition  of things to come or just a dramatic effect.


You will be the judge.

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