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 I developed my painting technique while earning my graduate degree in fine art from Pratt institute in New York. At that time, I researched the painting techniques of Venetian artists of the 16th century.  Titian painting techniques specifically fascinated me, and I researched his technique while using contemporary supplies and subject matter.

 The results of my studies combined with years of perfecting my style is observed in all of my art.  

  The old master technique of multiple layers of glazing is an important factor in contributing to my work.

  I start by sketching the subject directly on the canvas, then I use a wash of one color, mostly brown to block the various plains. I refine the painting and then start glazing the colors on. Many many layers of glazes applied to achieve the desired results.

I do not use black paint in my work. In order to get the darkest colors I mix multitudes of dark colors, this way even the darkest areas reflect the light.

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