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So it seems to me that I put the cart before the horse.

And since I am trying to show how I work, I might as well go the the beginning and then get to the final stages.

So here goes.

I start with a sketch on the canvas.

I work from photos of the subject that I took at the studio. When I sketch the subject I add the elements that will represent some of the subjects traits.

When I start I don't always know where I am heading with the painting. I have a general idea which I am aiming for but changes happen and at times the painting takes it's own direction, and I need to follow.

Once the sketch is done, I spray the canvas with workable fixative. I use Prisma color pencils for the sketch and it needs to be sprayed, other wise once I add any oil base medium they will smear.

Now that the sketch is finished, I start painting.

Next blog I will continue the story.

Till later.

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